The Only Game Where You Fight to Earn!

We’re Jobesk, a software house and we’re working on the first-ever game, where you can fight to earn real money. If you’re interested in playing for fun and earning at the same time, and become one of the first to have in possession the first-ever paid fighting game as well as other exciting perks.

When we conceived this idea, we never thought it would be as big as this. It’s just like every new idea, "THE PAID FIGHTER" has become really bigger than our imagination, hence, the need for your support. What we have is a prototype design, we need funds to make a dream live in the unity engine. So, in all, we can’t do this without your support and that’s why we’re requesting it. At this point, we’ll need your support to cover the cost of:
❖ Programming
❖ Animation
❖ Design

Our dream is to create an ideal game that will completely revolutionize the gaming industry from gaming for fun to gaming to earn.We hope you can help us unlock the stretch goal in order to make "THE PAID FIGHTER" as sophisticated as possible. Even, if we could not reach our stretch goal, we plan on sorting for funds elsewhere to ensure we make this a reality.
First, you’ll have to create your profile, this will be visible to all your opponents. It will contain information about you, they’ll see your rank as well as your winnings. Then you select from the arrays of free fighters to start with or buy a fighter with better fighting abilities and prowess.

The Tournament

To win the tournament, there are twenty (20) matches to play, at each stage is a new player to fight. And there’ll always be a clear winner. Won’t you get tired fighting 20 players in a stretch?

Don’t worry, after every five (5) matches, you can refill your energy and continue the tournament. This is the sweetest part! This is where you get rewarded for your passion.
Winning the paid tournaments affords you the opportunity to earn cash rewards. And guess what? You can cash out at any time without reserves. Awesome, right?


Wondering what format the paid fighter would come? Don’t worry. It will be accessible to all, as it will be an app that can be downloaded on Google Play store as well as Apple Store for iPhone friend users. Go on and check